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Aug 31, 8:30pm Dubai
60 minutes

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60 minutes
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Meet Our Experts


Over the last 17 years, Saurabh has nurtured numerous teenagers to excel in the most challenging endeavors worldwide. He is committed to empowering students to effectively navigate and thrive in the real world.

Saurabh Saxena

Parent, 3X Edtech Entrepreneur
& Life Design Coach

Ben has been writing Marvel Comics for the last 8 years including Spiderman, Daredevil and more. Ben leverages latest technologies like the Metaverse, Generative AI NFTs, to tell his stories. He founded the biggest comic book community in Hollywood.

Benjamin Jackendoff

Writer, Executive Producer
and Storyteller

With 20+ years of experience, Kelly is a strong advocate of humanizing education and enables students to thrive in college and beyond. She instills them with skills to be empowered, motivated, contributing & thoughtful human beings in society.

Kelly Britt

Former Stanford Head of Admissions
& Education Consultant

Experiential Career Discovery & College Admissions