We are on a mission to solve one of the biggest challenges in unlocking human potential.

Every student has unique talents and aspirations. Yet, most are limited by a system which fails to identify and nurture their strengths and interests.
We are building a global launchpad for high-intent students to discover who they want to be, identify and unleash their talents, and reach their peak potential.
We envision a world without boundaries, where students from any part of the world can work with top industry experts, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers and beyond, on interdisciplinary projects focused on solving real-world problems.
Our commitment goes beyond "projects". At Power Club, after years of research and development, we have designed the most powerful career design and talent development curriculum for capable students around the world. The Power Club journey takes them from identification to nurturing, to advanced development, enabling them to build a world-class body of work that will open doors to top universities of their choice, and global opportunities within and beyond college.

At Power Club, every ambitious student can dream big and feel inspired to design a fulfilling life. This is where the most creative, brilliant minds of the world come together to fearlessly create, collaborate, and make extraordinary impact!

This audacious mission needs to be driven by thought leaders who want to take the human race forward. To bring this transformation to every student’s life, our endeavor is to work with forward-thinking school leaders, who can envision the future now, and go beyond the existing academic boundaries for the well-being and development of their students.