We are building what we wish we had when we were teenagers. An environment to power our passions, aspirations, skills and help us discover our life pathways, beyond the boundaries of the conventional education system.

Our core mission is to enable ambitious and curious teenagers to unleash their superpowers by discovering who they want to be!

The world is becoming increasingly competitive and distracting, and the mainstream madness only grows stronger and compels most teenagers to leave their passions behind and follow a conventional path that may not lead to fulfillment of their potential. The change needs to be driven by unconventional and exceptional teenagers who show the path for the others to follow.

At Power Club, we are building a magical space where the most creative, brilliant minds of the world come together to fearlessly create, collaborate, and make extraordinary things happen! A lighthouse that guides aspirational teenagers to break the conventional barriers and discover their Ikigai!

We want to enable this through the power of challenge based learning, high value global communities and personal mentoring. A community of practice built by experts and achievers for every passion, aspiration and curiosity! And unique mentoring opportunities to help a teenager maximize their potential.

We envision empowering millions of teenagers to follow their passion, discover their Ikigai and truly celebrate their uniqueness.

We believe that we can create a new social order: full of entropy, crazy ideas, global connections, and deep inspiration to help teenagers design fulfilling lives.